Libertarian running for State Senate District 33

I’m running for the 33rd District State Senate Seat because I believe that ALL Californians deserve a REAL voice in Sacramento and I’m ready to take on the challenge of BEING that voice.


Honor 'Mimi' Robson is a Libertarian running for State Senate in District 33. Her positions include:

  1. Reduce the size and scope of State Government by eliminating unnecessary regulatory agencies which will create a business friendly environment and bring back good paying jobs.
  2. Improve the infrastructure in our state by eliminating frivolous projects like the high speed rail and instead focusing on our antiquated water system and roads.
  3. Eliminate government intrusion into the private lives of our citizens to create individual freedom and encourage self-reliance.


Below, you can donate, volunteer or contact Honor. We're happy to accept donations (max $4200) and have volunteers to get a Libertarian in office! Feel free to contact Honor if you have any questions.