Donated $200 towards Mimi's campaign.
I have been active with the Libertarian Party since I worked as a petitioner to get Ed Clark on the ballot as the Libertarian candidate for president back in 1979. In all my years of working for the cause of individual liberty, I have never had occasion to be as optimistic about the party and our path to success as I am today. The reason for this optimism is not simply because we have the strongest candidates on the top of our ticket with Gary Johnson and William Weld, but because we also have superior candidates like Honor Mimi Robson running for positions in state government.

Honor is not only a solid and principled libertarian, she has practical plans for implementing programs that will work within our current political system to bring about a more prosperous and free society. I respect her for both for her calm intellect and for her passionate desire to make things better for Californians. I am proud to call her my friend and honored to give her my whole hearted endorsement.

Honor Mimi Robson for California State Senate, 33rd District.

Honor Mimi Robson would make a wonderful representative for her constituents and for the people of California. She understands the challenges of building things that will last, as an actively working structural engineer. She has also been active in charitable causes and caring for animals, and eloquently defends the regular folk of our state, the ones who make our home multicultural, thriving and exciting. Not beholden to any special interest, Mimi has the depth and breadth to be an independent, productive and thoughtful member of the State Senate. Support Mimi today!


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  • District 33 (Long Beach, Huntington Park)

  • Ricardo Lara (incumbent)
  • Honor Mimi Robson

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