Propositioned: What is Proposition 51?

By KFI AM 640 |

KFI's Kris Ankarlo is taking a look at the 20 ballot initiatives on California's ballot this year in 20 days. In today's podcast, Kris takes a look at Proposition 51, a $9 billion Bond initiative that would fund improvements and construction of school facilities for K-12 schools and community colleges.

A 'Yes' vote would support the $9 billion in bonds to fund improvement and construction of school facilities for K-12 schools and community colleges.

A 'No' vote opposes issuing $9 billion in new debt to fund improvements to California K-12 schools and community colleges.

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Episode 3 - What is Proposition 52?

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In today's episode of Propositioned, KFI's Kris Ankarlo takes a look at Proposition 52 - or that one prop you've seen all over television lately.

While it's not exactly as sexy of an issue as say, legalizing pot, it is one of the most important. Proposition 52 is designed to change the dedicated use of certain fees from hospitals used to draw matching federal money, and use that to fund Medi-Cal services. The initiative will also require a two-thirds majority in the California legislature to end the hospital fee program.

On the other side? A 'No' vote would allow the legislature to change, extend or eliminate the hospital fee program with a simple majority vote.

Kris Ankarlo spoke with several people about this ballot initiative and what it would mean for California residents. Kevin Riggs, a spokesperson for Yes on 52 joined Kris to talk about why people should vote for the bill.

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Proposition 58 - Teaching in second language

By KFI AM 640 |

Proposition 58, or Non-English Languages Allowed in Public Education, was designed by legislators to repeal the English-only programs that California students must take. Proposition 227, passed in 1998, required that English learners take one year of intense English instruction before they were allowed into English-only classes.

State Senator Ricardo Lara (33rd District), Honor Robson (Candidate for State Senate 33rd District), and Ron Unz, (Chair, English for the Children), spoke with Kris Ankarlo to help us get a better understanding of how Proposition 58 could work.

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Honor “Mimi” Robson for State Senator, 33rd District

By CA.LP.ORG, June 20, 2016 | CA.LP.ORG

Mimi Robson is a Civil Engineer who lives in Long Beach. She will challenge Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) in the November 8th General Election.

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Libertarian Honor 'Mimi' Robson to Run Against Incumbent Ricardo Lara This November

By Sander Roscoe Wolff, June 28, 2016 | Long Beach Post

Honor 'Mimi' Robson has been a Long Beach resident for 26 years, and a California resident her entire life. A few months ago she realized that the Democratic incumbent for the 33rd State Senate seat, California State Senator Ricardo Lara, was running unopposed. Robson mounted a write-in candidacy for the recent primary, and is expected to be the only candidate opposing Lara on the ballot this November.

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Long Beach State Senate Candidate Urges Reduction in Hurdles to Opening Medical Clinics for the Poor

By PR Log, July 19, 2016 | PRLOG.ORG

Honor Robson, the Libertarian candidate from Long Beach who's challenging incumbent Ricardo Lara for his 33rd District seat on the California State Senate, will address the Huntington Park City Council Tuesday night on the issues of healthcare and economic prosperity.

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Mimi Robson Blasts Lara's Tyrannical SB 1146

By Arthur Christopher Schaper, August 16, 2016 | The State of the Union

This bill has been hacked and hacked and is so poorly written that people may loose sight of the fact that it's still placing an undue burden on private universities! In addition, IF Senator Lara is reelected in November he has already stated he will reintroduce this legislation after "further research of the unintended consequences."

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Who is Honor Robson?

By Joanne Beverly, September 4, 2016 |

I am often asked who is Honor Robson and why is she giving up her “day job” to become a California State Senator. I think her recent experience answers these two questions quite well. You see, this past week Honor Robson saved the life of a homeless man who was dying in the street near her place of employment. She didn’t think about what his ethnicity, gender, or class-status was, or whether he was a citizen or not, or how he could benefit her in return; she instinctively went to him and performed CPR in order to save his life. Honor Robson will not promote this experience because she doesn’t view it as something to promote. She did what she feels anyone else would do. But I think it shows who she is and what you can expect from her as your representative.

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Robson challenges state senator in two-way race

By Elizabeth C. Brierly, October 6, 2016 | Libertarian Party of California

When asked by California LP state chair Ted Brown to mount a write-in campaign in the primary against unchallenged incumbent state senator, Ricardo Lara (D), Honor “Mimi” Robson seized the opportunity. She’s now in a two-way race in the 33rd district, having survived the state’s top-two primary — a system she had long opposed.

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California Libertarian Honor Robson challenges state senator in two-way race

By, October 14, 2016 | Libertarian Party

Robson, a structural engineer, told the Long Beach Post, which featured her campaign in June, that her first priority is to reduce or eliminate many of California’s 200-plus regulatory agencies and commissions that are “strangling local businesses and hurting our local economy.

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Three Local Libertarians on November Ballot Positioned to Upset Entrenched Incumbents

By Jonathan Jaech, October 14, 2016 | L.A. Newsrag

If you get the chance to meet her in person, you’ll also be impressed with her persuasiveness, sincerity and charm. She has all the assets needed to make a great state senator. More important, she will advocate and support libertarian social policies as outlined on her fine campaign site:, and bring a fresh perspective to California politics. Mimi needs volunteers and donations to get the word out. Won’t you help her today?

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Honor Mimi Robson on Voter's Edge

By Voter's Edge | Voter's Edge

Get the Facts on Honor Robson

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GOP dead zones: You won't find any Republicans to vote for in big areas of L.A. County

By Javier Panzar, October 26, 2016 | Los Angeles Times

"Some of his constituents won’t see a Republican when they choose a state senator either: Democrat Ricardo Lara is up for reelection against Libertarian Honor “Mimi” Robson."

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