Mimi Robson is running for Re-Election as Chair of the Libertarian party of California

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Thank you for the opportunity to be the Chair of the Libertarian Party of California this past year. It’s been an exciting year and we’ve accomplished so much but there’s much more that still needs to be done! Although I’ve been an active Libertarian and Activist for decades I am still fairly new to the state party and when I was elected Chair at the 2018 Convention I realized there was a lot that needed to be done that had been neglected for far too long so my first priority was to start putting processes in place as well as insuring that we develop a system for institutional memory so we don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel year after year. I also learned that I had a lot to learn in terms of being the Chair of a party of individuals!



Below, you can donate, volunteer or contact Honor. We’re happy to accept donations (max $4200) and have volunteers to get a Libertarian in office! Feel free to contact Honor if you have any questions.
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