Past Achievements

LPC Secretary:  2017-2018

After the 2016 election I realized that there was a lot not being done in the state party, so I decided it was time to turn my attention to organizing and growing the Libertarian Party in California.  After the previous Secretary resigned I was appointed by the Operations Committee as the Secretary and then elected by the full Executive Committee in February of 2017.  Upon beginning my work it came to my attention that MANY things hadn’t been done in a very long time, and as an engineer I went to work fixing things!

Immediately upon taking the position of Secretary I did the following:

  • Meeting minutes, including the 2016 Convention, hadn’t been completed or approved; I went back through meeting notes and prepared meeting minutes that were approved at the 2/26/2017 meeting (approximately 2 weeks after taking the office)
  • Created email lists on Google such that the Executive Committee could easily correspond and get work done in between meetings; in addition, for complete transparency, I created a reflector Google list so that all Central Committee Members could see what the Executive Committee was doing and easily provide input
  • Contacted each county to get the current list of all Executive Committee members from each as the database hadn’t been updated in what appeared to be many year, and included County Chairs that has since passed away
  • Updated the state’s database by working with each county affiliate to insure that the membership was up-to-date and in agreement between the counties and state
  • Went through approximately 900 failed transactions over the previous year and was able to update payment information for monthly donors whose donations had failed for a number of reason, bringing in an additional $350 per month and recouping approximately $1,500 in failed one time donations
  • Contacted expired members who had also had failed transactions increasing our membership and regaining many lapsed members
  • One of the jobs of State Secretary is to insure that the State’s Operating Procedures Manual is current and up-to-date, however when looking for this manual it seemed to not exist
    • I was able to obtain the most “current” Operating Procedures Manual form 2000 and then proceeded to go through all meeting and convention minutes for 17 years to update and publish the manual as required
  • Worked with the 2017 Convention Committee to help organize the Santa Clara Convention
  • After finding that proper credentials hasn’t been checked at the 2016 State Convention I personally credentialed all delegates that had preregistered for the convention, insuring that memberships were current, the 90 day requirement was met, and that all delegates had accepted the Non-Aggression Pledge
  • Worked with volunteers at the convention to check all delegates in, take payments and issue delegate badges to those that were properly credentialed

At the 2017 Convention in Santa Clara County I ran for State Secretary and began my first full term as Secretary.

  • At the Convention a member had proposed a Bylaws Amendment that would require the Secretary to provide a running total of all members, by county, to each affiliate; that amendment failed but I created a procedure for creating the running list of memberships and sent that to the counties each month
  • Also at convention a contentious issue was that the previous Treasurer hadn’t calculated or sent dues sharing payments to the counties and I pledged to be sure that would be done immediately after convention even if it wasn’t part of my job
    • I calculated all past due amounts for dues sharing, and worked with the new Treasurer to get those payments sent
    • I worked with the Treasurer to create a system to calculate the dues sharing and proposed an amendment to the state’s Operating Procedures manual, which passed, mandating that dues sharing payments be sent out twice a year
  • Was an active member of the Operations Committee, Candidate Support Committee, Membership Committee, Convention Committee (Chair), Bylaws Committee (Secretary), Website Committee and Database Committee
  • Worked closely with the Database Committee to insure that our current CRM, NEON, was working efficiently; in addition, two other CRM options were investigated to insure that NEON was the best fit for our purposes
  • Worked closely with Website Committee to insure the information was up-to-date
    • In doing so I learned to use WordPress and was able to update the Executive Committee page, the Candidates page, and the Bylaws and Platform pages with current and past versions of both, and updated the Elected Officials Page
    • Updated the Minutes page of the website to insure all past meeting minutes were uploaded and viewable (many had broken links)
    • Insured all current meeting and convention minutes were prepared, approved, and posted in a timely manner
  • Was elected as the alternate member to the National Platform Committee; I was elected as Secretary of that committee and I worked with the Chair, Caryn Ann Harlos, to insure the Platform Report that was presented to the delegates at the 2018 National Convention was completed
  • Was elected as a member of the National Credentials Committee and worked to insure all National delegates were properly credentialed both prior to and during the 2018 National Convention

2018 Convention             

While serving as State Secretary I proposed that the 2018 Convention be held in Long Beach.  I submitted one of three detailed proposal at the June, 2017 Executive Committee meeting and the Long Beach proposal was selected.  Ted Brown, LPC Chair, named me the Chair of that committee and I went on to plan and execute the first profitable Convention in many years.

Highlights of the Convention:

  • The Long Beach Convention was the first profitable party convention in many years with a net profit of over $4,000 and sponsorship of $7,350
  • A total attendance of approximately 290 throughout the weekend
  • 135 delegates throughout the weekend with 113 on the floor on the final day of the convention
  • Media coverage by the Long Beach Post and the Long Beach Press Telegram
  • High impact speakers which included Bill Weld, Judge Gray, Nick Sarwark, Larry Sharpe, Matt Welch and many more
  • At the Saturday night banquet we raised $8,000 for the Candidate Support Committee and two new $1,000 Life Members (as opposed to the $1,500 raised at the 2017 Convention)
  • We held an Affiliate Summit at the convention which offered help and support to the County Affiliates and featured a panel moderated by Larry Sharpe
  • Live streamed the lunch speakers into the business room for members that hadn’t purchased a lunch ticket, which hadn’t been done in the past